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Monday, 24 November 2008 11:50

Dear Oquirrh Annie, 

                I attended my first Daybreak BOD meeting this past week.  I must admit, my attendance was prompted by concern for a problem that impacts the area immediately surrounding my home and not concern for the community at large. After listening to all the issues in the community, I felt just a bit ashamed that I only attended to address my small problem.  Believe me, I won’t be that short sighted again!



                The reason for my letter to you Annie is I’m deeply concerned about the management of our community.  As I mentioned the BOD meeting was my first exposure to our HOA management, so I really had no idea what to expect.



                After listening to the rhetoric of how difficult it was to balance the budget, that homeowners would have to “go without” certain things, and that homeowners were expected to make up the difference for a 19% default on HOA/Telecommunications dues by increasing our payment by 10%, I began to have a few doubts about how capable our management team is.



                My doubts became certainty when it was announced that 4% raises would be issued to HOA employees.  What planet do these people live on?  My husbands company just laid off 20% of the staff with the potential for more employee cuts shortly.  He now does his job and fills in for two other former employees.  His benefits were cut and a raise is just a lovely, far away dream.  I know several families living in Daybreak in this situation and worse.



                So Annie, please help me make sense of how these people deserve a raise when it appears some of the management team aren’t doing a very good job and the people they want the raise from don’t have the money to support it.



  Sincerely,No Merry Christmas Here 




 Dear  Merry, 


                First, I’m saddened to hear that your family is being hit hard by this horrendous economic downturn.


                I’m flattered that you would come to me looking for an answer to this baffling question. But, honestly, I’m stumped too. The only explanation I can offer is, CCMC must be a wholly owned division of General Motors or AIG and have attended the same management and budgeting training schools.  They also share the same inability to be forward thinking.  I’m not sure, but I think their private jet is housed at the Rio Tinto parking structure (with wheels chocked).


                 Seriously, I can only recommend that you continue to be proactive, make your voice heard, and educate anyone and everyone about the issues facing the community. Hold management’s feet to the fire.  They have shown, left to their own devices, decisions are made that do not reflect the reality or needs of Daybreak today. 


                   Daybreak homeowners are not Congress, we don’t have the funds to bail out CCMC with their over inflated margins that supports arcane management practices.   


My best wishes to you and your family,



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