HOA 2008 budget issue....

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Here is a question I asked the head of the BOD (KL employee -  Bruce Snyder)....and the answer I got...

What is the DCC Contracting Services for that is costing $85,003 in 2008? (detailed) Why is it needed?

This is what we pay the C of SJ (school district) for Janitorial services

I did some research and finally got in touch with the gentleman in charge of all the custodial services (School District Services Manager) for the South Jordan School District and I asked him about the custodial services and about the agreement in place with the Daybreak HOA and Kennecott Land. There are 3 full time custodians (40 hours a week) and 5 sweepers (who each only work 1.5 hours a day). One of the full time custodians is the lead person and this position is paid $15 per hour, the other two full time custodians make $10.36 per hour and the sweepers make between $8 to $9 per hour based on time on the job. So with those numbers in mind, we are only billed 1/3 of the total cost of these services by the South Jordan School District and we are NOT billed for any supplies (was confirmed by the South Jordan School District). Then we discussed what the exact and full total costs that are billed to the Daybreak HOA for the custodial services for the DCC. It turns out the bill has been between $3800 and $4200 a month over the past 18 months. So that means we are basically billed about $48k per year in FULL for the services that the Daybreak HOA (CCMC) team is charging the Daybreak Homeowners $85k for every year.   As soon as I wrote this article, the Daybreak HOA (CCMC) contacted the South Jordan School District and requested that none of the financial information be sent or discussed with me or any other Daybreak Homeowners. However seems as if someone forgot to tell Dan in the Daybreak HOA office that this is public information and that the Daybreak HOA has no legal authority to block or deny any access to this information or any other City of South Jordan or South Jordan School District information.  

What is the Daybreak HOA trying to hide? 


The Daybreak HOA manager has now told me that the other $37,000 from the DCC Contracting Services covers the computers/printers/faxes and software licensing for the DCC.


However the Daybreak BOD Bruce Snyder (President of the BOD and KL employee), said that the $17,280 in the 2008 DCC budget (labeled as office supplies) was for the computers/printers/faxes and software licensing, not the DCC Contracting Services.


Shouldn't the HOA and Kennecott Land be on the same page here when it comes to how the Daybreak Homeowners budget is being spent...?.?.?


The South Jordan School District is sending me copies of the invoices since it is public information which the HOC will save for the review of the HOA 2007 audit which we will be doing sometime in June 2008.

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HOA 2008 budget issue....
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