The Halloween debate…Trick or Treat…the 30th or the 31st

By Scoop, on 22-10-2010 08:50

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I am totally confused on this one and am hearing different things. I know a lot of my friend’s children will be going Trick or Treating on Oct 30th since October 31st falls on a Sunday and many LDS members do not want to Trick or Treat on Sunday. However I have heard from many other friends who are not LDS and they are having their children Trick or Treat on Sunday the 31st, and even some of my friends who are LDS members who say that since it is just simply a holiday that they will have their children Trick or Treat on the 31st.


So please anyone enlighten me and tell me what’s up? Comment on this article so I can see you feedback or reply to the thread in the forums…


From the feedback I have gotten on both sides already of this I would highly suggest from all Daybreak residents to be ready for children who are Trick or Treating on BOTH Saturday and Sunday…

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