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Friday, 25 June 2010 13:42
    The Daybreak Daily is turning 3 ½ years old this month. It's been a long road and there were some bumps along the way to get where we are today. However The Daybreak Daily has slowly evolved and now is the main website for the Daybreak Community. Over the past six months The Daybreak Daily is getting about 200-250 unique site visits per day (50-75 unique content hits per day) and The Daybreak Daily is now the only website that comes up on the first page via a Google search (Daybreak Utah) that is not paying anything in marketing. I get emails everyday from all sorts of people, Daybreak residents, and South Jordan residents not living in Daybreak, Realtors, local Media, and people looking to buy in Daybreak. And almost all of the emails I get are from people thanking The Daybreak Daily team for work they put into maintaining The Daybreak Daily because it is the only resource that gives you all the facts and has open forums for users to communicate with one another to get real answers to their questions..


As many of you know we are now using Facebook more and more as a vehicle to distribute news and updates on all things Daybreak and the surrounding areas. Please follow The Daybreak Daily on Facebook by clicking the link below.

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