Hamlet Homes Townhomes concerns being addressed

By Scoop, on 12-05-2010 08:19

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   Apparently there have been some Hamlet Homes Townhouse homeowners who have had some issues with their rain gutters in East Lake Village. Homeowners are saying that some of the rain gutters were not installed with a slight angle so they do not drain properly and they are overflowing. The overflowing is causing water damage on the some of the Townhomes and is causing some flooding problems. It is good to see Hamlet Homes willing to address this issue, Hamlet Homes in my opinion has the best customer service in Daybreak and always fixes any warranty issues(Rainey Homes is a close second), Destination Homes is dead last in customer service in my opinion and rarely honors any warranty issues.


If you are a Hamlet Homes Townhouse owner and have having some of these issues please feel free to contact Dave Irwin, he is a VP at Hamlet Homes.



Dave Irwin


(801) 281-2223


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Hamlet Homes Townhomes concerns being addressed
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