Hyper-Local media news poll...your votes wanted!!!

By Scoop, on 14-04-2010 14:45

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      As many of you already know, I have met with and talked to the team over at www.oursouthvalley.com and have agreed to team up with them on bringing news and awareness to the residents not only in Daybreak, but the entire South Valley. Although both websites will still operate independently, we are working on a game plan to aggressively promote hyper-local media news that effects us ALL here in the South Valley, which as we all know rarely gets covered by the mainstream media.


   So I wanted to run a poll to see what types of hyper-local media content readers prefer most so we can focus and prioritize our efforts to get you what stories you care about most, so PLEASE VOTE in the poll on the right menu of the home page here: http://www.daybreakdaily.com/ 



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Hyper-Local media news poll...your votes wanted!!!
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