Concrete curbing issues in Daybreak's Eastlake or North Shore Villages?

By Scoop, on 07-04-2010 10:33

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   Has anyone heard or dealt with the issue of concrete curbing either in Eastlake or Founder's park? As I understand it in Founder's park it was allowed but now in Eastlake and North Shore concrete curbing in the front yard is not allowed by the DRC. Before February 2010 there was no way of knowing this unless you specifically asked the DRC. It wasn't in any documentation available to residents. I recently found out it was in the information given to builders though.


Here is a note from an Eastlake Village resident, PLEASE leave your comment on this article so this Daybreak resident can get some feedback…


   My neighbor and I both put concrete curbing in our front yard last summer. After getting approval for our backyards we both assumed that it would be approved for our front yards and in the interest of timeliness and ease we went ahead and did it without getting prior approval from the DRC. After getting a notice that the change needed to be submitted and after doing so, we finally find out that they don't allow concrete curbing in front yards.


I am interested if this has been an ongoing issue that you have heard from anyone else. If am interested in the opinion of the Founder's park residents regarding concrete curbing. Positive or negative.


   We are appealing the Covenants committee on the issue on the second Tuesday this month and are trying to decide what approach would be best. Get and exception to the rule or try and push for the rule to be changed. My husband and I are of the opinion that if our neighbors dislike concrete curing, like the DRC then we will take it out.


Again, PLEASE leave some feedback in the comments on this article so the Daybreak Eastlake Resident can get some feedback…

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Concrete curbing issues in Daybreak's Eastlake or North Shore Villages?
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