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   Are you pondering some of those big questions, “like why am I here?”  ”What is my purpose on earth?” Well then, grab your bible and a brew and talk about it.


   That is the thinking behind a new group that meets once a week at a pub in South Jordan.  Pastor Charles Hill hosts the brew and bible discussion Monday nights from 7-9 at MacCool’s Public House in the District.


   Hill says he knows alcohol and the bible may not mix well with many Christians, but he told The Christian Post, he’s willing to go mobile, with beer in hand, “We go where the people are like Jesus did, and of course we are criticized,” said Hill, who had half a beer Monday night. “This is the hardest place in the country to plant a church. They will not come to us. We have to be Jesus and go to them.”  Hill says referring to the large number of people who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. .


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Five people showed up at Hill’s first Beer and Bible gathering on March 22nd, he says he thinks it will “blow up,” in weeks to come.


Goto: to see a video of Hill and a few patrons at the first gathering.

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Beer and Bible...
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