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Least amount $ per pupil doesn't justify

By: Just Me (Registered) on 29-03-2010 18:39

Least amount $ per pupil doesn't justify

By: Just Me (Registered IP on 29-03-2010 18:39

I think some are forgetting that our state also spends the least amount of money per student in the entire country! New Jersey on the other hand, spends in the top five in the nation in which case that makes sense that the supers would make more, don't you think? 
UT spends $5,683 per student from the last report 
TX - $7,818 
IL - $9,555  
NJ - $15,691, ranking in the top 5 of school spending per student! I would say that a school district spending 3 times the amount per student than we do can justify paying their supers large amounts!


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