The Oquirrh Alliance

By Scoop, on 23-07-2008 13:18

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Who is the Oquirrh Allaince?


    Well if you visit their website here http://www.oquirrhalliance.org you will see that they are a group who's mission is to advocate Salt Lake Valley growth-related solutions immediately, particularly on the western side of the valley, where development is exploding. This is interesting to me, because their main focus is the West Bench and there are many things going on in the very early stages in the West Bench that are of concern to me and should be to you as well (I.E. the section 8 housing going in just west of Daybreak on 118th) There is some serious issues/concerns with the traffic planning by The City of Herriman that are being kept under wraps and do you feel comfortable having 4000 section 8 apartments a stones throw away from the new High School being planned? I don't... 


    I am curious as to what the Oquirrh Alliance is doing to help or prevent some of these concerns that are happening close to our community. I have tried to have some dialogue with the Oquirrh Alliance and am trying to find out more about them. What I do know is that the Oquirrh Alliance was formed by Kennecott Land a few years ago and its members list is impressive. I hope to see some results come out of this Oquirrh Alliance, the only press releases I have seen on them have to do with the transportation in the West Bench and it seems the Oquirrh Alliance is more of a tool to protect the business interests/opportunities of its members in the West Bench, who knows I could be wrong. It seems this Oquirrh Alliance is some what of a secret society; it would be nice to see more resident involvement in working with the Oquirrh Alliance so the concerns of the residents of the West Bench are also addressed as we watch the West Bench grow.


If you know anything about the Oquirrh Alliance please comment on this article.

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The second swimming pool for Founders Village...

By Scoop, on 30-07-2007 17:00

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It looks like we a second pool in Founders Village now as well, one of the HOC members just sent these in. These are pics from central park.

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Oquirrhs Ski Resort news

By Scoop, on 18-10-2007 23:54

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I am not sure if you all heard, but back on 10/3/07 KL announced that they are planning to open one or two ski resorts in the mountains just west of Magna. One of the resort will be above Little Valley flats where KL plans to build a community (like Daybreak) with 10,000 homes. Anyways there are a few articles in the different news publications in the first week of October in case you wanted more info.

Last update: 31-03-2008 13:26

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The Beach Club... (continued)

By Scoop, on 21-03-2008 00:25

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Kennecott Land continues to refuse to give the nearly acre lot next to the DCC to the community as possible restitution for the cancellation of the Beach Club. Bruce Snyder lied to all of the Daybreak Homeowners there is NO LAW that prohibits a Beach Club of any kind (the note from Bruce). However the Health Department/C of SJ sent KL a list (30+ items) of concerns that needed to be address before KL could move forward with the Beach Club. At that time the KL legal team went over the concerns and determined that by addressing all the concerns (and there was no guarantee that KL wouldn’t be hit with more concerns from the Health Dept/C of SJ once the initial list they got was completely addresses) the cost would be too substantial to put the Beach Club in. So there you have it, the reason the Beach Club that was marketed and advertised to Homeowners who bought home in phase 1 & 2 in Founders Village was canceled was because of cost to KL. I also wanted to point out that the cost of the facilities that would be needed would NOT be too costly, in my opinion. For instance for a 500 person Beach Club the Department of Heath states you need 5 showers, 5 sinks, and 5 restroom stalls for the men and women each (that would be about a 1000 sq ft one story cement building).

Now I suggested to Don and Bruce that KL should give the lot next to the DCC to the community and pay for the Founders Village swimming pool considering KL did not build the Beach Club as advertised. This was quickly shot down and most likely isn’t going to happen. However legally KL could be accountable to the homeowners who bought during the time the Beach Club was advertised, which is why I suggested a compromise...

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Early Light Academy

By Daybreak Man, on 08-06-2008 20:06

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                I do not currently have children in my home and therefore have not been aware of the many educational issues that have surfaced recently.  I know about the Jordan School District and its problems and I voted last November on the issue of vouchers, but I did not know of the local concerns of parents in Daybreak.  However, my interest in the subject has increased since I saw a post in the discussion forums of this website about the Early Light Academy.  I decided I would try and find out as much as I could about the proposed charter school.  I found the school’s website at www.earlylightacademy.org and found the decisions made about the school in the meeting minutes of the state board of education.  I found that charter schools all have an initial charter document that explains almost every detail of the school and its purpose.  A friend of mine was able to get an electronic copy of the charter and I scanned through the 140 pages of detailed information. 

     The Early Light Academy (ELA) is a proposed K through 9 school that will most likely be built here in Daybreak.  The founding board of the school is working with Kennecott Land to select a suitable location.  Right now there are two proposed locations: one just West of the Row Homes on the Western edge of village 1, the other is in the Northwest corner of what will be village 3.  As Kennecott has donated generous portions of land to the two other public schools in Daybreak, I do not see why they would not do the same for this academy.  The school will be fairly small compared to Daybreak Elementary as it is being built for a capacity of 750 students.  The physical size is also smaller as Daybreak Elementary is 116,700 square feet (including the DCC) and ELA is a mere 57,400 square feet. 

     Besides physical characteristics and student population, how will this school be different from regular public schools in the Jordan School District?  The main difference will be the governance of the school.  ELA will be run by a parent board instead of a school district.  As the board has more discretion of what is emphasized in their curriculum, the school will be different academically as well.  ELA has decided that the emphasis should be in history, “The Early Light Academy offers a high-quality education by combining a linear, content-rich curriculum emphasizing history utilizing effective instructional techniques, taking our students from the Stone Age to the Space Age, the Information Age and beyond. With an emphasis in history, students are better able to tie in the lessons from the past with the present reality of the world around them, and are empowered to see how their actions today will impact the future.” 

     Although ELA may have a different emphasis in their curriculum they are subject to the same standardized tests that our public schools are and thus the same accountability.  This guarantees that faculty will still teach those concepts and facts directly related to the standardized tests.  ELA will actually be buying their curriculum from a company called K12.  This may be good or bad.  I am not a curriculum expert so I really cannot criticize this aspect of ELA’s program. 

     As for logistics, ELA has proposed that they have a maximum of 25 students per class.  This fact alone is why I like the idea of this charter school.  Having a better student teacher ratio in classes will improve education outcomes.  However, this is only 2 students under the currently reported student teacher ratio at Daybreak Elementary.

     A large amount of research concurs that more parental involvement in their child’s education will deliver better education outcomes.  This was the main reason the school is being founded.  A group of parents called Daybreak Parents for Academics originally conceived of the idea of ELA.  In fact, the school will require the parents of students to volunteer for 35 hours per year.  This requirement, in my opinion, will actually weed out some of those parents who are complacent about their child’s education.  This will in turn deliver students to the school whose parents are committed to their education making a better environment in which to learn.  Another aspect of the school that I personally like is the fact that they will have a strict dress code.  Some people feel that this limits expression, but I think it just eliminates distraction and competition.  This also makes distinguishing rich kids from poor kids more difficult. 

     As mentioned previously I am not an education expert.  These are my thoughts and opinions only.  If you are a teacher or administrator and you would like to comment on this story you can.  Just register and click the button below to comment.  I think that these comments will enhance the analysis.  Thanks goes to Scoop for inviting me to write an article on the Daybreak Daily.  If you would like to see more of my articles just go to http://daybreaktoday.blogspot.com 

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