2011 Daybreak Daily notes and Dog Walking service available for Founders Village

By Scoop, on 10-01-2011 12:56

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   I hope everyone is having a great New Year, as you can see I have been too busy to write much lately and it seems it will be that way for a while, however once things slow down later this year I will pick it up again. If anyone is interested in writing articles or getting info together please let me know: scoop@daybreakdaily.com 


Need Dog Walking?


Also my son wanted to let everyone know he is offering a Dog Walking service in Founders Village, he charges $5 an hour per Dog, if you are interested let me know, scoop@daybreakdaily.com

Last update: 10-01-2011 13:01

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Harry Potter Festival at the District November 18th

By Scoop, on 12-11-2010 09:33

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The Megaplex Theaters in the District are having a Harry Potter Festival this November 18th for the opening of the new Harry Potter movie. For more information see the attached flyer…

Last update: 12-11-2010 09:33

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 Harry Potter Festival Flyer.pdf[ ]351 Kb
Build-A-Bear & Shriners Hospital Charity Event

By Scoop, on 10-11-2010 15:59

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As we get closer to the holidays, and we look back at the pressing year this has been to everyone, please always remember we are all connected and each of us has a measure of gifts and abundance to share depending on our blessings.  If you can, please join my Lodge at our Build-A-Bear Charity event for the Shriners Children Hospital. 



Saturday, December 4 · 5:00pm - 9:00pm


Fashion Place Mall


6191 S State Street

Murray, UT 


Mt. Moriah Lodge #2, Free and Accepted Masons of Utah are teaming up with the Salt Lake Community College chapter of Collegiate DECA to build bears for children who are patients at Shriners Hospital for Children. Donations will be collected throughout the month of November and we will gather at 5:00pm on 12/4 to build the bears together. Collegiate DECA students, patients from Shriners Hospital, and El Kalah Shriners/Masons gathered last year for this event and built 174 bears. We hope this year will be even better.


Please join us in once again creating smiles for Shriners children this holiday season.


Last update: 10-11-2010 16:14

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Support your local business owners November edition

By Scoop, on 03-11-2010 13:56

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Zander Garden Clean out! 


Did you know community garden plots are inspected on Nov. 16th?

We guarantee our work -- you won't be fined. 

Let me cleanup your garden!

Remove garden debris, stack tomato cages, and rake your dirt.

$25 for most garden plots ($18-25 depending on size)

Save yourself time & effort -- call or email today:

Zach Zander 801-446-2662 or zazomazo101@gmail.com 

Thank you! Proceeds help fund my BHS Wind Symphony tour  






Daybreak Residents,
Are you expecting a new baby, or do you know someone who is?

If so, you or they may be concerned about the cost of good childbirth classes to help in having both a successful pregnancy, as well as a safe, healthy, fulfilling childbirth experience.

Well, local Daybreak Resident Amy Cox Jones has been offering in-person childbirth classes since 1997, and has hundreds of past students who attest to the wonderful information and results they got out of Amy's classes.

More Info Here >>> http://www.birthologie.com/online-childbirth-classes/daybreak/

Amy has recently decided to make her course available in an online format, and for Daybreak Residents and their friends and family, she is offering it at just $77, which is nearly a 75% discount from the price of her in-person course.

She has a 60 day satisfaction guarantee too, so if you decide you didn't get enough out of the course, you can get a full refund.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can look at the details of Amy's course and access it here:

More Info Here >>> http://www.birthologie.com/online-childbirth-classes/daybreak/

If you know of anyone else who can use this information, don't hesitate to pass this email along to them!   

Last update: 03-11-2010 14:03

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Get out and VOTE on November 2nd

By Scoop, on 27-10-2010 09:40

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Get out and VOTE this November 2nd, no matter who you are voting for or what party you prefer, it is your duty as an American to VOTE. Last year in South Jordan as a whole the voter turnout was in the mid-teens of register voters; let’s see if we can do better this year.


If you are interested in Early Voting, please visit the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office website for that information: http://www.clerk.slco.org/elections/voteEarly.html 


If you plan on voting on Nov 2nd please visit the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office website to find out your polling location (where you need to vote): https://secure.slco.org/clerk/elections/index.cfm

Last update: 27-10-2010 09:43

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The Halloween debate…Trick or Treat…the 30th or the 31st

By Scoop, on 22-10-2010 08:50

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I am totally confused on this one and am hearing different things. I know a lot of my friend’s children will be going Trick or Treating on Oct 30th since October 31st falls on a Sunday and many LDS members do not want to Trick or Treat on Sunday. However I have heard from many other friends who are not LDS and they are having their children Trick or Treat on Sunday the 31st, and even some of my friends who are LDS members who say that since it is just simply a holiday that they will have their children Trick or Treat on the 31st.


So please anyone enlighten me and tell me what’s up? Comment on this article so I can see you feedback or reply to the thread in the forums…


From the feedback I have gotten on both sides already of this I would highly suggest from all Daybreak residents to be ready for children who are Trick or Treating on BOTH Saturday and Sunday…

Last update: 27-10-2010 17:09

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