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Tuesday, 01 April 2008 11:00
Alright here is an update on the development of the apartments the Kennecott Land is going to build in Daybreak. I talked to my friends at the City of South Jordan and found out that Kennecott Land had the area rezoned to a PC zone  before any lots were even sold in Daybreak. And that according to the PC zone code 17.72 (found here: http://www.sjc.utah.gov/municipalcode.asp ) there is basically nothing the Daybreak Homeowners can do about it. The only thing the Daybreak homeowners can do is goto the South Jordan City Council meeting April 8th at 6:30pm and the City Council will be happy to listen to all of your concerns. However in the end as long as Kennecott Land complies with all the regulations per the application process the City of South Jordan has to approve the application, if they don't then Kennecott Land could sue the City of South Jordan. Now if Kennecott Land have any type of public marketing material that said or claimed there wouldn't be any apartments in Daybreak then there are other options, but that would be the only way to prevent this....see attached letter that was sent out by Kennecott Land
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