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Wednesday, 01 August 2007 00:55
Here are some highlights from the meeting last night:

1. The responsibility of regulating the rental of properties by the original owners is the responsibility of the builder. And it seems now that the HOA says they will enforce or follow up on any possible violations that are reported, contrary to what Julie has told many homeowners “We are not the rental police”. The only way to really get anything done would be via litigation against the builders by the homeowners, I doubt that anything will change unless that happens.

2. Kennecott Land claims that on all new home sales the .25% is collected from the builders, this will be verified during upcoming budget reviews...stay tuned

3. Kennecott Land does own the DCC building, and yes the homeowners pay rent to Kennecott Land of the DCC. However Kennecott Land does subsidize funding to the HOA budget, I suppose it is better for business/taxes to subsidize more and then collect the rent (even if it is from your own funds). Anyways makes business sense to me...

4. Kennecott Land is looking for a “Town Manager” for Daybreak if you as a homeowner are interested please send your questions to Bruce Snyder directly on this This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it do not send inquiries to the HOA office.

5. There are a number of homeowners whom want better playgrounds in Founder Village. If you want something to happen, you will need to call around and get formal quotes that we as homeowners can present at our Budget Workshop coming up in September.

6. The Budget Workshop is coming up in September (the date will be announced soon), this is the homeowners change to submit budget requests to Kennecott Land and to suggest changes or question proposed budgets being submitted by the HOA team. All requests will be submitted to the BOD (Kennecott Land) for approval.

7. There are plans to build a multi-faith church in Village 3; Bruce is working on getting the budget approvals for this right now. That way some smaller churches can have a house of worship until they can build their own building.

8. Kennecott Land is looking at building a pool in Village 1; basically Kennecott Land would pay for it and would be paid back via the HOA fund over a period of years. This is in the works, hopefully we will know more by the next BOD meeting.

9. Daybreak Village Center is on track...A Grocery Store has signed a letter on intent as well has a Florist, Salon/Spa, Coffee Shop, Health Care provider, and more. Hopefully once the Grocery store signs a lease we will all know more about what merchants are going in.

10. Kennecott Land has told the HOA office to hire more security guards so we will have 24/7 security and an extra security officer working the night shift in hopes to prevent late night lake activities and other issues as well.

11. Kennecott Land has also told the HOA office to hire 2-3 Lake Rangers whom would patrol the lake in golf carts helping people and making sure all the lake rules are followed and enforced. If you are interested contact the HOA office. FYI- The second phase of the lake will start to be filled with water later this year...

12. There will not be a Beach Club at the lake...anytime

13. The pool being installed in Village 2 is a 3500sq ft “L”: shaped pool...

14. The new BOD is:

Bruce - President

Russel - Secretary

Ty- Treasure

14. And my least favorite...Kennecott Land will not allow bidding from other property management companies other that CCMC right now. This is a major concern to me and will be something I will work on in the future, we should get bids on all our services every year just to ensure the HOA funds are being spent in a fiscally responsible and proper manner. I personally do not feel that we have a good system in place that holds the CCMC employee’s responsible when they act in an unprofessional way. I have had to personally talk to Jim’s boss in Arizona recently about this and feel that this should be handled more swiftly. If you ever have any run ins or issues with any HOA or DCC employee’s and feel uncomfortable discussing this with the CCMC management, feel free to let me know, I will be happy to get all issues addressed and resolved swiftly.

Any questions let me know...

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