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Tuesday, 01 May 2007 00:52
Okay ladies we could eat and chat all night, but I think we are here to play bunco, right? So put your $5 in the pot and let’s get started. That’s what usually gets everyone quickly into their seats around one of the four card tables scattered around the room. Of course the bell chimes from the head table also does the trick to get everyone seated and rolling the dice.

The daybreak bunco club has been meeting since May 2006 and has continued to grow into quite the loud and crazy bunch. “We get together one night a month for a few rounds of bunco, a dice rolling game, but it’s mostly so we can get together and talk and eat,” said Jodi Carcamo, the Daybreak bunco chair. The conversation varies from Daybreak chatter to who’s the best 3rd grade teacher.

First a little history of what the heck bunco is…Bunco is a very easy dice game that dates back to the late 1800’s and was played by groups of women, children and couples. The old fashion game of the future is becoming ever more popular at parties, social events and new groups are popping up across the country. Around 1980 it made a come back and moved from the big cities out to the suburbs. A return to family values, a sense of neighborhood and community, and the desire for social interaction seem to be the reason it’s made such a huge comeback.

The jist of the game is simple roll as many of whatever number we are rolling for and if you roll that number on all three die than you got yourself a bunco or 21 points. The idea is for you and your partner to get the most points and you get to keep moving around the room from table to table. The head table controls the game and the round isn’t over until they reach 21 points. We play 2-3 games of 6 rounds. We start out rolling for 1’s and then 2’s and so forth all the way up to 6’s… then we start back over at 1’s. The game is quite simple and after one round most beginners know what they’re doing.

Daybreak bunco group meets the third Wednesday of the month from 7-9:30. We socialize from 7-7:45 (well all night as well) and we play from 7:45 til about 9:30. We just asked that everyone please bring $5 and an appetizer or alcoholic beverage to share. Just a side note there is always non alcoholic beverages available as well. We take turns hosting each month and currently have room for more bunco players. If you are interested please call Jodi Carcamo at 208-9871.

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