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Daybreak Village Center update

By Scoop, on 19-02-2008 00:16

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The property management company and KL are still working through grocer issues and have tenants that have offers in, but at this time they are still being quite about the grocer until it is 100% resolved. They were hoping to get this issues resolved last week, but still are not there yet. At this point and at this progress don't expect the Village Center to open until Spring 2009, looks like KL needs to buy more signs...

Now the rumor is (RUMOR) is that the store is...........a chain called "The Store", it’s a high end grocery store...there is 2 locations in Utah right now one is in SLC and the other is in Holladay....

Oh yeah....plan on Starbucks being in the Village Center...Beans and Brew tried to get in...but were told no....since Starbucks is willing to pay more per sq ft. And the Iceberg contract got canceled by KL, so they won't be in the Village Center, unless they redue another contract...

stay tuned...

Last update: 22-03-2008 00:32

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Daybreak Village Center update
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