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With Spring here there are some sprinkler Issues you need to know about...

By Scoop, on 27-04-2010 08:45

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   Sprinkler issues will be a major problem this year due to water line changes on the 114th expansion(this effected us last year as well). Apparently when some of the water lines were changed/upgraded they were re-installed without any filters/screens to prevent small sediment from getting in the water system. This is going to be causing a lot of problems for a good number of South Jordan residents and unfortunately a number of yards and basements have flooded already.


   What’s happening is small rocks about half the sizes of a marble (maybe just a bit smaller) are getting in residents sprinkler systems and are getting caught in the sprinkler system valves. Once that happens the water continues to run until you go into your basement and shut off the water. Once you do that you need to find the valve that is clogged up and open the valve and get the rock (s) out. All it takes is an hour or more for the running sprinklers to start doing real damage, so I suggest running your sprinklers early in the morning and perhaps having someone home when they are being run. Keep in mind that this could happen at any time, your sprinklers could work fine for weeks and then one day a rock could get into your system and your flooding. This happened to me and at least a dozen poeple I know, just last year  (probably many more people as well) after my system was turned on, so be careful. A few local fire stations have also already had issues with the sediment getting into their equipment from the water system the past year or so as well.




   I am not sure if there is a way to prevent this from happening, but there might be. I suggest emailing Luckyfish Grounds Keeping @ LuckyFishGrounds@aol.com to see if there is anything you can do, they are local and have dealt with this problem many times this spring already.


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