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Scoop says...two thumbs down...Movie Ticket prices on the rise

By Scoop, on 07-04-2010 08:40

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     Some of you may or may have not noticed, but recently the average ticket price of a movie theater ticket has gone up by .50 cents. Now even I don’t think that is much, but it all adds up, especially in this economy. If you look bad to the great depression, the largest growing industry was the entertainment industry, mainly the movie industry. And if you look at the metrics on the strength and growth in our current economy you will see that the movie industry is one of strongest industries and in most cases are seeing a rise in business. So not only are the theaters now charging .50 cents more per ticket, they are selling more tickets, that’s a good formula for a successful business. ..


     Just in case some of you are wondering where Utah movie ticket prices are compared to prices in other states, currently the matanee & child tricket prices are $6.00 and adult ticket prices are $8.50, which is still below the national average, and way below the prices in California which range from $8.50 to $10 for a matanee ticket and $12.50 to $14 for adult tickets. So over the next few years there is plenty of room for our local theaters to grow their profit margins to stay in a competitive range with theaters across the nation...


So butter up your popcorn ready (it’s free for butter), as you will most likely be seeing more rising prices at the movies in the near future…

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