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Written by Scoop   
Thursday, 25 March 2010 08:42

   I finally found the Salt Lake County Democrats Precinct information, most of the residents in Daybreak and the surrounding areas are part of Legislative District #50, and the Chair person for the district is:

Frank Cordova

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   I am sorry I didn’t have this information until today; there was some confusion on my part as I was looking on the Utah Democrat Website and not the Salt Lake County Democrat website. So eventhough I am a Republican, I always try to be “fair and balanced” ;-) so I am encouraging all Democrats to reach out to their legislative district chair person and get involved.


   More importantly, we all are different and may have different opinions and ideas, which makes us great, YET first and foremost we are ALL Americans; and never forget hundreds of thousands of Americans before us gave their lives for our freedom and liberty. And one of our most cherished freedoms is our right to VOTE, so please whether you are Republican or Democrat get involved and at the minimum get out and VOTE, it is more than a freedom or a right, it is your duty as an American.


   I also want to thank Christian Burridge (a Daybreak Resident) who is running for the Salt Lake County Council at large seat this year for getting involved an being part of the political process, he is a good American. If anyone wants to find out information on Christian or wants to help support Christian please visit his website at: http://www.christianburridge.com/christianburridge/Welcome.html

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