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Wednesday, 24 March 2010 09:13

   As I was talking to some friends at the GOP Caucus last night and was floored when I realized that Barry Newbold (The JSD Superintendant) has a higher salary ($213k per year) than any elected Congress person, Senator, or Governor in the ENTIRE United States, the only elected officials at that level or higher who make more are the President of the United States ($400k per year) and the Vice President of the United States ($221k per year). In my opinion that is beyond ridiculous, why and how could this happen? The Superintendant in the Canyons School District makes $175k per year, if Newbold took a pay cut to $175k per year, to be inline with that or to be "competitive", that would save $38k per year which could pay for another teacher and perhaps a part time aid, the little things do add up...


   This is unacceptable, especially when the children of the Jordan School District are going to be having to adjust to the changes of the current budgets issues by losing programs and teacher’s aides, etc.  Do you feel okay with this? Not me, and this is just the tip of the iceberg, more info to come of the fiscal abuse at play in the JSD leadership.


   Rumor has it that Superintendant Newbold gets a $250 per month clothing budget, wow (NOT sure this is a fact or not...I am getting the expanded budget for the JSD to see if this is in fact accurate or false, there are many things that could be hidden in the main budget which is vauge in many areas).


   Moving on, as most of you know the GOP and Democratic Parties had their Caucus meeting last night and the turnout was huge. My precinct 3524 (link to precinct map) has some new GOP leadership and Delegates (see below):



Precinct 3524 GOP officers:

Precinct Chair: Nancy Newman

Precinct Vice Chair: Joe Ross (me)

Precinct Secretary:  Bianca (forgot her last name, I will update soon)

Precinct Treasure: Tyson Brooks


Precinct County Delegates:

Tamara Zander

Joe Ross (me)


Precinct State Delegate:

Jeff Hyer


If you live in Precinct 3524 (you can check the precinct map boundaries) and are a registered Republican please join our new precinct facebook group here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=107392302614470&ref=mf .And if any democrats from precinct 3524 want me to publish their new precinct information please email me…




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