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Holiday Thought and Sharing!

By Scoop, on 22-12-2009 19:27

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   This is a message of hope, a glimpse of sunrays, and steady in faith for the holiday season.  Times could not be more pressing, ending a year to end all years. Some of us have made it to the finish line a bit more bruised, somewhat frayed, and a little less shinny. 


   However, we have made it, by the grace of our faith, our family, and our friends. We are all connected by more than the internet; we are part of mankind, each facing a journey and path good, bad, or status quo. Each of us has a measure of gifts and abundance to share depending on our blessings. 


   Some of us have faced uncertainty, trials, and challenging travels but each of us can reflect in the goodness of our sphere of influence, and our inner strength, I send you a Christmas blessing for your soul, and for your heart. Share it with your family, and as we approach the holiday season, and the end of a very blistering year, be thankful for one thing, bring it to our heart, and stand sturdy for the upcoming year and know that someone cares, and the thoughts and focus on important things will help you face tomorrow. 


I hope you have a Happy Holidays, and a Very Merry Christmas.


All the best,


Joe Ross~

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