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Thursday, 27 August 2009 12:09


I heard this last night and thought of CCMC…the answer is no, of course not because it’s not their car so they don’t care. Same thing goes with the Daybreak Homeowners Budget, all CCMC cares about is how much money they can make off the Daybreak homeowners. Now the point of this article is to go over some of the issues from last night’s BOD meeting that went until 11pm I was told. (I wasn’t there *I was at the Congressman Chaffetz Town Hall meeting*, but have gotten feedback from 6 people who were, so here it is).

1. The Beach issues

2. The Founder’s Park Landscaping Committee Park enhancement

3. CCMC’s inability to do their job



I will into each of these in detail so the article might be a little long…




The first issue, the beach problems, from the late night parties, swimming, lack of facilities, NO security (or the security doing NOTHING at the lake, and the lack of the local police department enforcing issues that fall under the City of South Jordan’s responsibilities. Well, CCMC (Daybreak's HOA) and the Daybreak BOD (Kennecott Land) is to blame for most of these issues and the Daybreak HOA management should be fired since they have not been able to tackle these issues for the past year and a half. We are now on our second security company and they are still HORRIBLE and are NOT doing their job, CCMC should be enforcing this. They are and have been getting many, many complaints, but they chose to do NOTHING or they try to play the blame game with the City of South Jordan. Oquirrh Lake is Daybreak property, private property, so the City is not obligated to enforce anything unless a citizen is breaking the law, simple as that. So on any of those issues then yes the City is to blame, BUT most of the issues are not related to any laws being broken, which is CCMC’s (Daybreak HOA's) fault and the Daybreak BOD (Kennecott Land’s) fault for NOT firing some of the CCMC/Daybreak HOA’s management because they have not done their best in prevent these issues).


The second issue is the Founder’s Park Landscaping Committee's park enhancement to Sunflower Park. The Founder’s Park Landscaping Committee has been meeting with KL for over a year now on fixing this park and many emails and announcements have gone out inviting residents to join the committee, so I encourage those who are interested in joining the committee to let me know. The Founder’s Park Landscaping Committee and KL unanimously voted to move forward with the Big Slide for the park with the $40k budget we had. (I was just explained what happened to the other $10k and am okay with it, if you want to know let me know and I will tell you) Yet, for some reason the Daybreak HOA went and got bids for a second option for the park which has caused all this chaos. The Founder’s Park Landscaping Committee actually planned on getting swings and play sets for the Sunflower Park, but some of those features will be added in years to come, but now the BOD will be moving forward with the both options provided to the BOD, the play sets and the Big Slide option, however the Big Slide will not be put in until the spring and the FV landscaping committee will be meeting again to pin point the location of where the Big Slide is going to be installed, hopefully it will be in Founders Village, we just need to find the appropriate location. The Founder’s Park Landscaping Committee actually wants the Sunflower Park to be a long park that extends from the Splash Pad to the Soccer fields near Grandville; they just have to do one piece at a time, or one piece a year. And yes…the Daybreak HOA/CCMC is crazy if they think they are going to charge the Daybreak Homeowners $4800 for removing bark and adding sand to the play area in the park, they must think we are stupid…but I will save that one for the 4th issue which is the MOST important issue you ALL need to know about.


The third issue…replace CCMC or at the minimum replace the Daybreak HOA team (the DCC team is fine as does a great job or has done a great job since Clint has arrived)….there are too many issues to list when it comes to the Daybreak HOA, i. e. they are consistently rude to Daybreak Homeowners (they don’t get it, they work for us, every one of us is their boss), they are unable to be consistent in their enforcement of the CC&R’s, they are horrible about providing awareness in the community, they consistently are dishonest with Daybreak Homeowners, and when it comes down to it, they just DON’T care.


The fourth issue, this is the biggie…yes, the economy is bad and a lot of HOA fees are not being paid, yadda yadda but that only accounts for a small margin of the budget constraints. What you are not being told is that the majority of the budget goes to CCMC’s margins; yep, your Daybreak HOA team (CCMC) has a 28% uplift. Of course they will deny this, but read between the lines, do you really think it costs $3,500 for a park bench (not a table, just a bench) or $4,800 for the removal or some bark and about 5 yards of sand? I don’t think so, and if you believe it STOP drinking the kool- aid. So in order to really fix things we need to take control of our budget, you noticed I said our budget, it’s because it is ALL Daybreak Homeowners' money. Just think about the things we could do and we could fix if we had a new management company who only charged 10% margins, there would be plenty extra money to be spread around to tackle the issues we are facing, and yes even in this economy….

Fiscal Responsibility is NOT being practiced with the Daybreak Homeowners money…which goes back to my title…

Have you ever seen anyone wash a rental car?


It’s time for a change, we need a new HOA team who is willing to work for the Daybreak Homeowners and who cares about the interest of the Daybreak Homeowners…



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