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Written by Scoop   
Friday, 21 August 2009 10:29

   I love our Eastlake beach park. Every morning I go there the sand has been combed clean -yesterday's huge mud pits gone. No garbage from the day before oozing over the minuscule 2 garbage cans that are supposed to be sufficient for yesterday's monster family reunion of 50+ that was held there. I never see series of large tents with large grills rolled onto the grass. (Hello State Park) I never see babies without swim diapers playing (not swimming) in the water or children falling off the sand ledge almost drowning bc their mothers aren't watching. I always know everyone at the beach because everyone there walked from their homes pushing their strollers and didn't drive from 20 miles away to leave their trash on our beach. No one has ever knocked on my door and asked to use my bathroom. I've never seen skinny dippers in the middle of the night or heard teenagers torturing the geese. My child has never unearthed disgusting garbage from the sand. I've never seen over 30 cars parked on Oquirrh Lake not leaving enough room for a fire truck to get by.


And NO my house has never been hit by a paintball..


The .real moms of Daybreak blog is here: http://realmomsofdb.blogspot.com/2009/08/save-our-beach.html (it is a real blog and they did really sent this to me to post)


Please come protect our parks, beach, and homes.


Plan on attending the following meeting to voice your concerns:

Open Board of Directors Meeting

August 26, 20096:00pmDaybreak Community Center 

Many of us will be meeting early @ the rec ctr to discuss solutions and ideas 

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