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Big Slide Park coming to Founders Village!!!

By Scoop, on 14-08-2009 09:38

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   As some of you may or may not know about a year and a half ago I formed a Founders Village Landscaping Committee with the approval of the Daybreak BOD. The FV landscaping committee works and meets with the Daybreak BOD and was tasked with trying to fix/update parks throughout Founders Village. This past year we have been working on getting the park at Oakmond and Lumina (Sunflower Park) upgraded with a whole new look and equipment. After a year and numerous meetings the Daybreak Homeowners who make up the FV Landscaping committee finally agreed with the BOD on the details of the remodel of the park. Now at first the HOA was trying to push the idea of a cookie cutter ~ generic play-set idea on the committee calling it the "best bang for the buck", which we had communicated to them many times we had no interest in since the same sort of equipment which is targeted for younger children only already exists at the Founders Village Splash Pad and that it would NOT be the "best bang for the buck"(see article by Elly on the FV Splash Pad here: http://www.daybreakdaily.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=245:get-out-and-explore-the-splash-pool-and-founders-park-pavilion&catid=30:the-daybreak-daily&Itemid=58  


   And then we bounced the idea of a theme park around a little bit, but the BOD (which is basically Kennecott Land) said they didn’t feel that the theme park idea would fit the visions of Daybreak and reminded the committee that ultimate approval of the proposed park improvements is a BOD not a Kennecott Land issue/decision, even though the park improvement is being paid IN FULL by Daybreak Homeowner funding. And really I don’t have a problem with that since Kennecott Land is the founder of the community as long as the BOD realizes that the Daybreak Homeowners that make up the FV landscaping committee have ALL agreed that the “Big Slide” improvement/upgrade is what we want installed. Now the BOD still has to approve recommendation of the FV Landscaping committee, however considering that the Big Slide improvement is only taking up $30k of the $40k budget we have for the park upgrade and that the BOD (Kennecott Land) already has agreed to the Big Slide idea it is now just a formality for them to approve the plans and move forward with the construction of the Big Slide for Sunflower Park.  




   What is the Big Slide and what is changing? Well I will tell you, the Big Slide is about 50-60’ long and 16’ wide and about 1.5” thick resin/plastic and will have some sort of bumpers on the sides. The entire hill will be regarded to about a 6% grade and the slide will be installed on the ground and will slide into the area with the existing play equipment. The existing play area will have the bark removed and high quality sand (the soft sand not the course sand) installed and if we have enough money left over (If the HOA can find the $10k they misplaced from the FV Landscaping committee budget) we will have the ridiculous play structures that are in place removed and incinerated (just kidding) and we will have some other small pieces installed (some of the pieces at the Eastlake Village park on Oquirrh Lake (you know the crazy busy park).



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