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Get Out and Explore: Your Own Front Porch

By Elly, on 17-07-2009 14:56

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    I broke my toe at Eastlake Pool the other day. I can’t blame anyone but myself for stepping on it while I was tripping over my own towel. Yeah, it was pretty classy. But now I’m chomping at the bit. Here I live in this incredibly beautiful, walkable, bike-ridable, boat-rowable community and I limp along slower than the HOA responding to resident complaints. What’s a newly disabled Daybreak girl supposed to do? Hang out on my front porch, of course.



    We all have one, you know—a front porch. They’re one of the standard features in Daybreak.  But I tend to forget about mine; even our visitors use the back door. Why are front porches so great anyway?



    First of all, they add a lot of character and classic American architectural style to a home. Just imagine your Victorian-style house without its characteristic spindle railings and gabled porch roof—it just wouldn’t look right. If houses that were built with a front porch over a hundred years ago are still attractive today, you know that your home has long-lasting architectural appeal. That front porch isn’t going to go out of style in ten years.




    When front-porches were at their height in the early decades of this century, they became the symbol of family-togetherness. Families would gather on their front porches in the afternoons and evening to escape the stuffy house, catch up on conversation, and watch the children play in the front yard or neighborhood street. Front porches were a part of the natural rhythm of life. But American cultural changes during and after World War II moved people away from family relaxation time and consequently away from their front porches. The popularity of TV brought people inside, as well. And yet, the front porch still embodies family togetherness in American unconsciousness. I think that since we actually have an opportunity to own one of these legendary front porches, maybe we could turn off the TV for an evening and try it out. What kind of family time can you spend on your front porch?



    Not only would families gather on their front porch in the old days, but people would visit with friends, neighbors, and family in the breezy comfort of their porch. Why don’t we do that more these days? What better way to get to know your neighbors, enjoy a good laugh with friends, and build a sense of community in your neighborhood than chatting on your front porch on a shady summer evening?


    I’ve discovered a new favorite spot in my home: my own front porch. I love to sit in its shade on a comfy chair and peruse a good book while my kids play on the sidewalk with their neighborhood friends. And if you’re walking by, stop and say hello for a minute. I’ll gladly put my book down for a friendly conversation any day.  Even better, set aside your crazy modern life for a few minutes and step out your front door. You might be surprised how much you enjoy the most easily accessible amenity in Daybreak: your own front porch.

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Get Out and Explore: Your Own Front Porch
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