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Thursday, 23 April 2009 13:19

     There is a recent trend happening in Daybreak, and it is not a good one. More and more Daybreak Homeowners are getting liens placed on their homes and most of the homeowners don’t even know that they have a lien on their home. Now I understand that in order for a lien to be placed on a home the homeowner needs to be notified or served, however in some cases this is not being done. The builders I have personally heard about having issues in Daybreak with liens are Destination Homes, Homes Homes, and Rainey Homes; however there could be other builders who are having issues with their subcontractors as well. Now I am no expert on these type of things or how they work, yet I would encourage all Eastlake Village or North Shore Village homeowner’s reach out to their realtor or their title company to see if they can check to see if there are any liens on their property (to date). I also believe and I could be wrong that there is only a certain timeframe in which a homeowner can petition to get a lien removed from their property.


     Just yesterday I was contacted by a North Shore homeowner (Mr. Morgan) who only found out about the lien on his home when he went to refinance his home recently. And in case this case, there was also a lawsuit filed against a number of Destination Homeowners, none of which were ever properly served per the due process laws of our legal system. Mr. Morgan asked me to post a copy of the lawsuit in hopes that if some of the Daybreak homeowners named in the lawsuit were not aware could be notified via this article by any readers who might know them. If any of the homeowners named in the lawsuit have any questions on how to get the lien removed from their home and how to get their named taken off the lawsuit referenced on the attached document please feel free to contact Mr. Morgan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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