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Daybreak BOD meeting (2/25/09) notes

By Scoop, on 17-03-2009 14:28

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First off I am sorry it took me so long to get this information up, it was given to me on 3/5/09.


     There were about 25 people who were able to attend the meeting, 10 or so of them in attendance were there to address the issue surrounding the proposed fencing around the fields at Eastlake Elementary. A petition with 250 Daybreak residents signatures against fencing and ESPICALLY against a fence more than 4’ high. 



The meeting opened with the BOD president discussing goals of the BOD:

1)       Manage Delinquent accounts – CCMC (HOA company) has done a terrible job handling this

2)       Sub-Associations being turned over – new sub BOD members (townhouses)

3)       Increased resident involvement in programs – hhmmm…HELLO $85k for a party/program planner...what a joke….

4)       Pool being built in Founders Village – target open date is Memorial Day 2010

5)       Park Improvements – HOA is supposed to get bids for new equipment install, we will make sure it is an open bid process unlike their past bidding processes.



     LiveDaybreak is the new name for the layer above the BOD. It was formally known as the Daybreak Community Council. Its goals are the function as a non-profit council and foster a sense of community. There are openings for two members to join the body which will be filled by applications. This will be announced 4/15 with the naming of the members in June.



     The HOA talked about how they are over budget, go figure there are all overpaid and only a few of them are qualified to do their job. The DCC will be changing the childwatch program/service hours , decreasing them to save on costs (instead of continued raises given to already OVERPAID HOA employees, how about mandating a 15% wage cut which can be take out of the 28% margins taken by CCMC...yep EVERYTHING that the Daybreak Homeowners pay for through the HOA is marked up 28%...) just a suggestion.  There was a rundown of the events to date, turnout for programs continues to decrease. HOA was asked how many registered users there are for the HOA website (which is now strictly a tool for the Daybreak HOA and is now rarely used nor is of much use for the Daybreak Homeowners) 845, most of which I am sure only register to get copies of the CC&R’s and never return to the site. The Daybreak Daily gets more than triple the traffic than the HOA site, the HOA should learn that the Daybreak Homeowners like to have a voice and for it not to be censored.




     The Qwest issues were brought up, the BOD said that the Qwest choice TV service was not being cancelled (Qwest customer service says otherwise, we’ll see). The Qwest direct billing issue was brought up as well and it was suggested the Qwest contract in August not be renewed (I agree that it should not be renewed and have been trying to lobby this since last March).



     Currently there are 305 delinquent properties in Daybreak (that’s about 16-17% of the home’s in Daybreak) totaling $228,400.97 ($51,590 of this is for Qwest fees not paid since Jan 1 2008 *the direct billing of the Qwest fees in the HOA fess is killing the Daybreak Homeowner budget).  The BOD questioned the HOA why it was taking the HOA so long to collect the enhancement fees when properties are sold. The HOA manager said it was because of the title companies, the BOD said they didn’t believe that answer. Then the BOD questioned the accuracy of the “delinquent list” the HOA gave the BOD. The HOA admitted the list might have mistakes and might not be accurate, the BOD let the HOA know they were not pleased and this and was very vocal about it.



     So to sum it up basically the HOA continues to be exposed for their inabilities to do the job they were hired to do, questions is will Kennecott Land do anything about it or wait until the HOA runs the Daybreak Homeowner budget even more in the red? If they don’t step in and do something soon the Daybreak Homeowners are going to need a bailout. And the BOD tried their best to fend off the discontent voiced by residents with promises of BOD action…


questions or concerns? feel free to comment...

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Daybreak BOD meeting (2/25/09) notes
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