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Tuesday, 17 March 2009 12:21

                It has been about 5 years since Daybreak opened and unfortunately about 60+% (my best guess) of Daybreak homeowners are having serious concrete issues.  Some of the issues Daybreak homeowners are running into are, driveways getting dimples (see pics) , stairs cracking and crumbling, severe front or back patio cracks, and the worst is severe cracking of the foundation. Now obviously over time these things are going to happen with concrete, the problem is that most of the issues are arising within two years of the homes being built, which by no means is normal or should be acceptable. However you should know that your first year “bumper to bumper” homeowner warranty might not cover concrete issues and after the first year “bumper to bumper” warranty expires the 2-10 year warranty does not cover concrete issues. And unfortunately many Daybreak Homeowners have found out that even if their first year “bumper to bumper” warranty does cover concrete issues, most Daybreak Builders will not fix any concrete issues and will only give you excuses and delay the problem until their first year “bumper to bumper” warranty expires, and then “PrEsTo!” their off the hook and will no longer even answer your phone calls.




              I have concrete issues and have talked to over at least 3 dozen Daybreak Homeowners personally in the last two year’s who experienced issues as well, with no luck getting their Daybreak builder to do anything about it. So I did some asking around and did some research and found that most homeowners in general who have issues like these have recommended getting the concrete sealed. So was able to locate and contact a Daybreak Homeowner who has a painting company who offers a concrete sealing service.  Attached are some documents that can help educate you on the FAQ about concrete sealing. If you are interested in getting your concrete sealed or you would like to get more information about getting your concrete sealed please feel free to contact:


Tyler Bastain 


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