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K-3 Reading Initiative Block

By Scoop, on 04-03-2009 14:44

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     I would like to take a moment to tell you about the wonderful reading program that we have at Daybreak Elementary. The in-class work that is done and the ability our program has to focus on those children who may be behind has been extremely successful. Part of the reason we have such a good program is we have some wonderful Reading Aids and two very good Reading Facilitators. Part of the funds to pay for these people comes from a State grant called the K-3 Reading Initiative Block. That grant is up this year. Without a continuation from the State legislature the program we have will go away. This is a state-wide issue, not exclusive to Daybreak Elementary or the South Jordan School District.



If you are willing and able please contact your state representative and ask that them to show their support for the program and vote to approve the budget for the K-3 Reading Initiative Block grant.


The local South Jordan area representatives are

Senator Chris Buttars
email dcbuttars@utahsenate.org
Phone 801-561-0535

Representative Merlynn Newbold
Phone 801-254-0142


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