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Friday, 12 September 2008 12:57

     Is Destination Homes not honoring new home warranties in Daybreak? Over the past few years this is one of the most comment complaints that I hear about for Daybreak Homeowners. In most cases the issues are related to HVAC or flooding problems and I am told that unfortunately in most of the cases these situations have ended up in lawsuits by the Daybreak Homeowners against Destination Homes.


     I personally know about this because I also have had issues with the HVAC in my Destination Home ever since I bought the home when it was brand new. It's extremely frustrating when Destination Homes sends their warranty representative to your home and  having to sit there and listen to them lie to your face over and over again. I had two other HVAC companies come to my home and do an inspection of the HVAC in my home and they both found many problems. The first problem they found is that the HVAC unit that came with my home was not powerful enough to support my home, due to the square footage and layout of my home. The other main problem they found in my home is that the HVAC flex pipe used in the attic of my house was only 6" and the industry standard is 8", they also noticed that there was about 30-50 feet of slack in the pipe in the attic that was contributing to the problems. Needless to say Destiantion Homes refused to fix any of the HVAC issues that are in my home (there were more than the two major issues I mentioned) and as I mentioned above in my situation Destination Homes resorted to flat lying to justify them not fixing the HVAC problems, because in order to fix the HVAC problems it meant Destination Homes was going to have to pay between $8,000 to $10,000 to fix the problems (basically due the HVAC how it should have been in the first place). Anyways, I wanted to let you know the details on what happen in my dealings with Destination Homes on the HVAC issues I am having and just in case you are wondering, no I have not decided on whether to file a lawsuit against Destination Homes, yet...

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     There are many other horror stories I have heard about from other Daybreak Homeowners who have recently bought brand new homes from Destination Homes, actually too many to count. It is unbelievable that is happening in this brand new community and that most Destination Homeowners have to relate to lawsuits to get anything fixed. I especially feel for the Destination Homeowners who are having flooding issues, I could not imagine buying a brand new home and then asking your builder to fix the problem only to be told that is not a problem with the home and in some cases Destination Homes told homeowners "your are watering your yard too much, which is causing your basement to flood". I mean really what a bunch of BS, and that is one of the many excuses I have heard. Perhaps the rumor I heard is accurate, which is that Destination Homes is almost bankrupt due to all the of lawsuits and repairs they are having to fix due to the lawsuits.


     Who knows the real truth on whether or not Destination Homes is going bankrupt, all I know is that I felt obligated to let everyone know (current Daybreak Homeowners and people who are shopping for a home in Daybreak) how Destination Homes is treating some of the current Destination Homeowners in Daybreak...


    If you would like to comment or if you also own a Destination Home and are having similar issues, comment on this article, and don't worry you can be anonymous.  

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