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Written by Scoop   
Wednesday, 23 July 2008 13:18

Who is the Oquirrh Allaince?


    Well if you visit their website here http://www.oquirrhalliance.org you will see that they are a group who's mission is to advocate Salt Lake Valley growth-related solutions immediately, particularly on the western side of the valley, where development is exploding. This is interesting to me, because their main focus is the West Bench and there are many things going on in the very early stages in the West Bench that are of concern to me and should be to you as well (I.E. the section 8 housing going in just west of Daybreak on 118th) There is some serious issues/concerns with the traffic planning by The City of Herriman that are being kept under wraps and do you feel comfortable having 4000 section 8 apartments a stones throw away from the new High School being planned? I don't... 


    I am curious as to what the Oquirrh Alliance is doing to help or prevent some of these concerns that are happening close to our community. I have tried to have some dialogue with the Oquirrh Alliance and am trying to find out more about them. What I do know is that the Oquirrh Alliance was formed by Kennecott Land a few years ago and its members list is impressive. I hope to see some results come out of this Oquirrh Alliance, the only press releases I have seen on them have to do with the transportation in the West Bench and it seems the Oquirrh Alliance is more of a tool to protect the business interests/opportunities of its members in the West Bench, who knows I could be wrong. It seems this Oquirrh Alliance is some what of a secret society; it would be nice to see more resident involvement in working with the Oquirrh Alliance so the concerns of the residents of the West Bench are also addressed as we watch the West Bench grow.


If you know anything about the Oquirrh Alliance please comment on this article.

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