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By Scoop, on 11-12-2007 23:27

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Hi everyone...sorry I have so quiet lately, I have been swamped with work and my wife and kids have been sick...Anyhow I figured I you let everyone know the full truth on why the Beach Club was cancelled.

A few weeks ago I met with Don and Bruce to discuss the Beach Club issue and a few other issues as well. It turns out that there is NO LAW that prohibits a Beach Club of any kind (the note from Bruce wasn’t completely accurate), however the Health Department/C of SJ sent KL a list (30+ items) of concerns that needed to be address before KL could move forward with the Beach Club. At that time the KL legal team went over the concerns and determined that by addressing all the concerns (and there was no guarantee that KL wouldn’t be hit with more concerns from the Health Dept/C of SJ once the initial list they got was completely addresses) the cost would be too substantial to put the Beach Club in. So there you have it, the reason the Beach Club that was marketed and advertised to Homeowners who bought home in phase 1 & 2 in Founders Village was cancelled was because of cost to KL. I also wanted to point out that the cost of the facilities that would be needed would NOT be too costly, in my opinion. For instance for a 500 person Beach Club the Department of Heath states you need 5 showers, 5 sinks, and 5 restroom stalls for the men and women each (that would be about a 2000 sq ft one story cement building).

Now I suggested to Don and Bruce that KL should give the lot next to the DCC to the community and pay for the Founders Village swimming pool considering KL did not build the Beach Club as advertised. This was quickly shot down and most likely isn’t going to happen. However legally KL could be accountable to the homeowners who bought during the time the Beach Club was advertised, which is why I suggested a compromise...we will see... I doubt this issue will go away any time soon...

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