Jordan to layoff Special Ed teachers

By www.oursouthvalley.com, on 25-05-2010 16:21

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In the story below we said that the Jordan School District could use building funds to supplement their special education budget.  It turns out that is not true.  Since the federal government helps fund some of that program there are a bunch of requirements that must be put in place when you take that money.  Taking building money is not possible.


After all the talk from school board members in the Jordan School District about saving jobs, it appears that promise will not come true after all.


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The Trib is reporting that JDS is gutting the district’s special education department is laying off 19 full-time teachers and 69 full-time assistant jobs.


The department’s administrative staff is being cut in half by 9.


But you may ask, “I thought the district got special legislative permission to use building funds to pay teachers so they could avoid layoffs.”   It’s true, the legislature approved an emergency law allowing distict’s to do just that, but Jordan has found a loophole, special education’s money comes from a different budget then the general budget.


So is there a reason the district can’t use building funds to fund the special ed programs?  They can, they just chose not to.


Someone famous once said, “the measure of a civilization is how it treats it’s weakest members,”


What do these layoffs tell us about the Jordan School District?



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Jordan to layoff Special Ed teachers
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