Daybreak Community Yard Sale May 15th 7am to 1pm

By Scoop, on 12-05-2010 08:30

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   It’s time to clean out the garage and get rid of the extra junk you are hording in the basement, the Daybreak Community Yard Sale happening this weekend, May 15th 7am -1pm. This event has been getting bigger every year, so come on out to Daybreak and see if you can find those hidden treasures. If you are a Daybreak Homeowner and want to advertise your yard sale you can pay $20 (a total rip off since nobody uses the yard sale maps) to the HOA and they will mark your house with an X on a map they will hand out at the Daybreak Pavilion.


   The Daybreak Community Council will also have its own sale, inside the DCC in rooms B/C (I know it’s a horrible location, they should do it outside) which they will be selling stuff from the old event storage area. If you don’t have a yard you can pay $40 (even bigger rip off, who wants to go to a yard sale indoors, ever hear of a drive by?) to set up a table and two chairs in the community center…

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Daybreak Community Yard Sale May 15th 7am to 1pm
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