FREE Tax Preparation for Public Employees

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We all know how difficult this month has been for teachers in Utah, particularly for the educators in the Jordan School District, as they prepare for the possibility of massive job layoffs by the end of June.


To top it all off, it’s tax season, which probably, for some of them, simple adds insult to injury. There is some good news out there when it comes to doing your taxes anyway.


Liberty Tax Service in Riverton, will do your returns for free this week if you are a teacher and a first time customer of Liberty. No catch, no hidden fees. Darren Openshaw is one of the owners of Liberty on 1868 West 12600 South, he says the hope is they can get you in for free this year, and hopefully you’ll come back next year, only with your checkbook open and eager to pay. But he says most importantly, “It is our way of establishing ourselves in the community, as well as giving something back to the community at the same time.”

(thanks goes out to the www.oursouthvalley.com team for the article)




In fact, all month is public service month at Liberty. Teachers, Medical professionals, fire and police, and military folks all can get their taxes done for free, here are the days you should go in by field. Remember first time customers only.


March 1-7 “Teachers and School Employees”

March 8-14 “Police and Firefighters”

March 15-21 “Nurses, EMT, Hospital & Healthcare”

March 22-28 “Military and Veterans”



(thanks goes out to the www.oursouthvalley.com team for the article)


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FREE Tax Preparation for Public Employees
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