Slow Down....Neighborhood Traffic Safety

By Scoop, on 02-06-2008 08:35

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     I wanted to first say THANK YOU to the City of South Jordan for their ongoing efforts in working with me in improving the safety of our neighborhood. As you know many of us Daybreak residents have been concerned about the traffic issues that we have in our community and many of you have voiced your opinions and have asked the HOC to help in this effort. The first new traffic controls signs have been installed on Pale Moon Lane between Krestle and Oakmond and you can already see the difference in the speeding on that street. These new signs will now help protect the children whom take this route to and from school and are just the first steps in improving the safety of our neighborhood. If you haven't had a chance to see the new signs I suggest you drive by and see them, these signs are have radar and show the cars driving by their speed so you know if you are speeding or not. The signs are also green, meaning they are solar, which is also cost effective. So please if you have any suggestions or traffic areas of concern that you feel should be looked at please let me know scoop@daybreakdaily.com.



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Slow Down....Neighborhood Traffic Safety
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