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BOD meeting summary

By Scoop, on 14-05-2008 15:56

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Thanks to all of you who attened the BOD meeting, I think it was great to see more homeowners involved. Considering that there were so many homeowners involved last night I only address a few of the questions I had listed on the Daybreakdaily, most of my financial questions I had listed will be answered in a private meeting with Derek at the HOA office in the near future. If you have any questions you want to add let me know.

Here are most of the highlights and updates and some updates I expect to get later today...


the HOA office is trimming the Lake employee budget, there was to be 3 full time employees, now the will only be 1 full time employee (for 5 months) and 3 part time employees, hopefully this is a move that can help trim about 10k off the Homeowners budget.


The BOD (KL) confirmed that there are no scheduled plans to restock the lake any time in the near future, so looks like for now the lake will be fished out.


I am hoping to get an answer today on when the permenant bathroom is being built at the lake so we can get rid of the outhouse.


The BOD is trying to get out of the contract with the vendor who handles the daybreakliving website, the worst case is that the homeowners will continue to have to pay $2500 a month until sometime in 2010, however efforts are in place to get out of the contract sooner than 2010.


The contract with Qwest will be renewed and the prices will not be raised.


And yes there is a pool committee in place working on a proposal for a Founders Village pool to be installed, if you wish to be involved or have any suggestions let me know (scoop@daybreakdaily.com)


The HOA office will be sending out a email or notification within 7 days to introduce all of the HOA and DCC employees, the details will include their name, roles, responsibilities, and I believe an org chart will also be included on this notification so the homeowners know where to go when they need somehting or have a problem.


The BOD/HOA office will be setting up a team/committee (not sure how or what yet) of homeowners that will be working possible landscaping changes in Founders Village.


I am hoing to get conformation or denial if we are getting signs put in place at the Founders Village Basketball /Volleyball courts saying "Daybreak Founders Village Basketball/Volleyball Courts"


The Daybreak security will be monitoring the Basketball/Volleyball courts twice a day every Sat (maybe Sun as well) on foot (yes they will get out of their truck) to make sure there is no alcohol consumption or illegal activities taking place where a lot of the Daybreak Homeowners children play.


I hope to get an update on when the dog park will be completed later today.


If I missed anything please let me know...




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Thanks - Any More Details

By: Lance Homer (Registered) on 20-05-2008 21:00

Thanks - Any More Details

By: Lance Homer (Registered IP on 20-05-2008 21:00

Thanks for the summary of last night's meeting. I wish I could have been there. 
Not a fisherman so I'm not sad that they aren't restocking, but did they give any details as to whey they are abandoning restocking the lake? Did anyone call them on the email saying that it was going to be restocked this year?  
Do you have any more details on the Qwest contract? Not only should our rates not go up, we should be getting better service. I know John Hays was working on getting better service, were there any details on that aspect?


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By: Scoop (Registered) on 15-05-2008 04:05


By: Scoop (Registered IP on 15-05-2008 04:05

test comment


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BOD meeting summary
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