Daybreak Daily teams up with OurSouthValley.com

By Scoop, on 26-02-2010 13:46

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I have met with and talked to the team over at www.oursouthvalley.com and have agreed to team up with them on bringing news and awareness to the residents in Daybreak and the rest of the South Valley. Please visit their site at www.oursouthvalley.com and send your feedback to the team at news@oursouthvalley.com . Their website is still in the process of getting all the functionality in place so it would be great to get your feedback and suggestions. Both websites will still operate independately and the Daybreak Daily will still make its main focus on the news, events, and happenings around and in the Daybreak area.


Stay tuned for some breaking news on Thursday…(got moved a few days...sorry)


Joe Ross~

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Daybreak Daily teams up with OurSouthValley.com
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