Daybreak 2010 Events & Activities Calendar

By Scoop, on 04-02-2010 15:28

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    Here is the Daybreak 2010 Event & Activities Calendar, I have been swamped the past few months, so kinds behind on stuff, sorry about that. Not much new here, although there are a few things missing this year, no Casino Night or Valentines Prom event’s. With the way the things are going with the economy there are some budgets cuts that needed to be made, although it is odd CCMC hired 5 new employees (CCMC claims that the move could end save up to $20k doing so), we’ll see…


   In my opinion the Daybreak HOA (CCMC) is already overstaffed and overpaid, but hey CCMC’s first priority is to make money for CCMC. Anyways, more to come soon…

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Daybreak 2010 Events & Activities Calendar
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