Get Out and Explore: Fun and Fitness at the DCC (Part 3)

By Elly, on 22-01-2009 23:00

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IDCC gymf exercise machines and fitness classes don’t catch your interest, how about team sports? Whether you’re looking for an intense basketball game or just want to practice your free-throw, the gymnasium at the Daybreak Community Center is a great place to get your game on.


You know how the community center shares the same building as Daybreak Elementary School? Well, the basketball gym is really the only significant space that overlaps, consequently it’s closed to Daybreak residents Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during school hours (8:25 a.m to 3:25 p.m. or 1:25 p.m. Friday) for P.E. But the rest of the time the gym is open to any resident looking for a weather-free place to shoot some hoops.


Occasionally, half the gym is partitioned off for some intense basketball and volleyball games. The volleyball club meets on Mondays, Thursday, and Saturdays and there are pick-up basketball games every Tuesday and Thursday evening (grab a calendar from the front desk for specific times or check the one available online at www.daybreakliving.net). Any resident is welcome to join in, you can contact the club leader via their online info or just show up. If you’re looking for basketball, my husband says the games at the community center are really pretty good and I imagine the volleyball is a lot of fun, too. 


Finally: what about the kids? (and what was that about sitting in the corridor?)

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Get Out and Explore: Fun and Fitness at the DCC (Part 3)
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