Get Out and Explore: Name Those Parks!

By Elly, on 09-01-2009 17:21

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After living in Daybreak among so many great parks, how many times have you had this conversation (or something like it):

"I'll meet you at the park."

"Which park?"

"You know, the one on this street and that street."

"Um...is that the one with the long slide and the twirly thing?"

"No, it's the one with the short slide and the twisty thing."

"What? Which one is that?

"Exactly. These Daybreak parks, as much as we love them, need some names--names that we can all recognize and use on a regular basis when we're talking to our friends or our children or our spouse or anyone we might want to meet at the park. There's one playground near my home which has been called, among other things, the Bumblebee Park, the Twirly Park, and the Birdhouse Park. They're all great names for a great place, but it's getting confusing.


Now, we have an opportunity to name our parks officially! Take those names you use most often for the parks around the neighborhood and put them in the form available when you log onto www.daybreakliving.net. Remember, they are looking for names that fit the parks as well as Daybreak as a whole, so even though you may call your favorite park "Debbie's Park", that name probably won't be chosen.


But that's the best part. After all the ideas are submitted, we--meaning Daybreak residents--get to vote in February to decide which park will officially be named what! So, I guess if you can get all your friends and their friends to vote for "Debbie's Park" maybe you could get your favorite park named for you after all. Campaign buttons, anyone?


So, start naming those parks! When the snow melts and the world finally thaws this spring, we can say, "I'll meet you at Debbie's Park," and our friends will be able to find us. But choose something a little more universal than "Debbie's Park", please.


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Get Out and Explore: Name Those Parks!
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