Would you like a Chiropractor in SoDa RoW?

By Scoop, on 13-02-2010 12:47

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     I received an email the other day from a Chiropractor who is interested in moving his office to Daybreak. There is not a chiropractor located specifically in Daybreak; however there are several Chiropractor’s in the surrounding area. Would it be appealing to have one inside Daybreak?


     The Chiropractor who is looking into this has a family/sports practice in Provo, and is the official chiropractor of the Utah Flash basketball team and UVU men's hockey. The office could provide not only chiropractic care, but massage and physical therapy as well. Do you think such a practice would be an asset to the community?


Please comment on this article, all the feedback is appreciated.

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Would I ever?

By: adam (Registered) on 14-02-2010 22:27

Would I ever?

By: adam (Registered IP on 14-02-2010 22:27

I've used this chiropractor for years. We cannot go wrong having him move up here. If he were to come here, believe me, I'd be in his office as much as I could!


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Would you like a Chiropractor in SoDa RoW?
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