Pick Me! is the personal weblog of Laura Moncur

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Pick Me! is the personal weblog of Laura Moncur. She has been writing on the Internet since 1997 when she and Michael started the Quotes of the Week page. The two of them moved to Daybreak in July of 2009. Since living in Daybreak is a part of her life now, Pick Me! tends to cover the events that happen in that area.


Laura Moncur is now the author of several blogs including:

  • Pick Me!: My personal weblog updated whenever I see something cool to talk about. Tune in during October for crazy Halloween madness.
  • Merriton: My first fully dedicated fiction weblog. Stories about Merriton post every Wednesday.
  • Starling Fitness: A weblog about diet, health, exercise and all those cool fitness products available out there. Updated every day because learning a healthy lifestyle needs daily positive input.
  • The Quotations Weblog: We revived Quotations of the Week into a weblog that gives you more in depth information on the quotations that you love. Updated regularly.
  • The Gadgets Page: Log on Monday through Friday for information about the gadgets that are supposed to make our lives easier and better. What works, what doesn’t, where can you get it and how can you use it to its fullest. Reviews of everything from toothbrushes to digital cameras.
  • Starling Travel: You don’t need to know about $5000 cruises. You need to know something fun and inexpensive to do with the fifty bucks in your pocket. Traveling on the cheap updated regularly.

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Pick Me! is the personal weblog of Laura Moncur
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