Daybreak Community Yard Sale May 14th 7am to 1pm

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It’s time to clean out the garage and get rid of the extra junk you are hording in the basement, the Daybreak Community Yard Sale happening this weekend, May 14th 7am -1pm. This event has been getting bigger every year, so come on out to Daybreak and see if you can find those hidden treasures.


Check out Pale Moon lane (across from the Daybreak Elementary Field) we are having a huge sale, with toms of stuff, lots of it brand new stuff I got from the overstock.com auction....

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Daybreak ~ Summer of 2011

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Here is a peek into what is happening this summer in Daybreak, I hope some of you can get out to these events…

I will try to get to a few of these events as well, on my scooter most likely…



May 14th- Daybreak Community Yard Sale

May 19th – SoDa RoW Classic Car Show

May 21st – Walk for Lupus Now



June 11th – Daybreak Triathlon

June 16th - SoDa RoW Classic Car Show

June 18th – Ladybug Release (at all of your local gardens)

June 18th –Daybreak Moonlight Movie Series



July 4th- Daybreak 4th of July Block Parties

July 16th - Daybreak Moonlight Movie Series

July 16-29th – Daybreak Garden park Clubhouse Event

July 21st- SoDa RoW Classic Car Show



August 9-13th – Daybreak/South Jordan International Days

August 18th - SoDa RoW Classic Car Show

August 20th - Daybreak Moonlight Movie Series

August 20th- South Valley Half Marathon



AND yes…I am missing a few things, if you want them added or if you want details added, email me:





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Daybreak Arts Academy OPEN HOUSE, February 12th, 3pm to 6pm

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Daybreak Arts Academy (DAA) is a community art center that offers an exciting alternative to childcare and traditional school for children ages 6 weeks through first grade. In a safe, environmentally friendly, and nurturing environment, our curriculum includes preschool, art, and music instruction from a world-class team of instructors along with many other exciting extracurricular activities. The quality of care and instruction that DAA offers sets a higher standard, one that parents can appreciate. Simply put, our goal is to make parent's jealous that they don't get to stay and play (although you're welcome to drop in for visits anytime)! DAA's beautiful facility is centrally located in the Daybreak community immediately west of Rio Tinto’s new corporate headquarters. We are now offering pre-enrollment.



For more info visit the website here: http://daybreakacademy.com/

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Support your local business owners Spring 2011 edition

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Davenport Foundation Repair ~ Wet or flooding basement? We can guarantee a dry basement, all the time. We have worked with several Daybreak residences in solving their basement flooding issues.

We always give a free estimate.  Call 801-569-2302




Luckyfish Groundskeeping ~ We are beginning our 2011 season with a bang!  We are pruning, aerating and doing Spring Clean-ups between snow storms. 


Requests are coming in for:


Aerations (we are scheduling them beginning next week, weather-permitting)

Fertilizations and weed control

Spring clean-ups

Sprinkler system activations and inspections (early to mid-April, weather-permitting)

Shrub and tree prunings (ASAP) and,

Assessments and recommendations


Light landscaping requests are being received, as well, so the season is filling up, fast.


If you are interested in any Spring-time services AND/OR in renewing your accounts for the 2011 season (property care), please let us know.



Best regards,

Mike and Devra






Zander Homes ~ specializes in custom basement construction with quality that's affordable!

Call Corey at 801-502-1241





Neighborhood Electric ~ Your neighborhood Electrician for your business or home. Get that outlet or light switch fixed that never seemed to work right. Light up those dark areas with recessed can lights or flood lights. Put can lights in your office or add one in the kitchen w/o dry-wall patching needed! Have an electrical project or question, give me a call!

Call Stewart at Neighborhood Electric. 801-403-2383




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Element Homes is having an OPEN HOUSE today, February 12th, 3pm to 6pm, for a beautiful home right next to the Oquirrh Temple in Eastlake

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Element Homes is having an OPEN HOUSE today, February 12th, 3pm to 6pm, for a beautiful home right next to the Oquirrh Temple in Eastlake Village


10951 Navarro Way (across the street from the temple on the north side)


Refreshments served and kids are welcome…see attached flyer for more details


Element Homes



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